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Our experienced team can keep your pool or spa clean and running efficiently.

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Our team of expert technicians is ready to get your pool or spa running like new again.

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We’re proud to offer a full line of professional quality care products for your pool or spa.

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Quality Pool & Spa Products

Ohana Pool & Spa is proud to announce that we have extensively researched the most energy efficient & highest quality Spa & Pool products for our clients use. You won’t have to sit down before opening your electric bill in disbelief of it’s cost. Call Ohana Pool & Spa and learn how to save huge $$$ or open up this link, ENERGY CALCULATOR, and see the dramatic savings. Ohana Pool and Spa’s Mission is ENERGY SAVINGS AND CREATING HEALTHY WATER. This puts the FUN back into your pool and spa for you and your family.

You want to know that your pool/spa will be managed just the way you want it. At Ohana Pool & Spa, the job is only finished when you are completely satisfied. We specialize in repairs, complete reconditions & Go Green energy saving.

We are a fully insured company!


From the Blog:

  • Pool or Spa Repairs

    Pool or Spa Repairs

    Does your swimming pool or hot tub need repair? Ohana Pool & Spa has a team of expert technicians ready to get your pool and/or spa running like new again.  We take great pride in making sure your equipment is quickly repaired and running like new again. Our repair and installation services include: Filters, Pumps, […]
  • What causes chlorine odor, red eyes and itchy skin?

    What causes chlorine odor, red eyes and itchy skin?

    These annoying conditions indicate that the pool water has not been properly taken care of.  Contrary to what most people think, a strong chemical smell is not an indication of too much chlorine.  In fact, the swimming pool may need additional chlorine treatment to get rid of chloramines and sanitize the water. Contact your Maui […]
  • Is Chlorine Safe for Swimming Pools?

    Is Chlorine Safe for Swimming Pools?

    Chlorine is safe for pools when used according to the package directions as approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chlorine levels within the recommended range for swimming pools do not cause any known health risks. Chlorine has been used safely as pool and spa disinfection for over a century.  The majority of public and […]
  • How to Keep a Pool Healthy

    How to Keep a Pool Healthy

    Pool operators keep a swimming pool healthy by monitoring the chlorine and pH levels and make adjustments as necessary. The chlorine level should be maintained between 2 and 4 ppm (parts per million), and should never fall below 1 ppm.  The pH should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8.  Keeping the pH in the right […]
  • How to be Protected in the Swimming Pool

    How to be Protected in the Swimming Pool

    Healthy swimming actions help prevent germs from corrupting the water. To protect everyone from recreational water illness, follow the recommendations by the CDC: Don’t swim when you have diarrhea, especially children in diapers. Don’t swallow the water.  Try to not get the pool water in your mouth at all. Take a shower before swimming and […]

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