Maui Spa Hot Tub
Through our combined experience, our “ohana” (family) has worked hardest to make pools, spas and water features be the best for our clients, with the most quality products available.

Innovative Water Technology

Over the last 15 years, technology has improved water (H2o) with a higher quality standard than just chlorine and chlorine gas. Ohana Pool and Spa grew and educated our staff with these technologies and now distribute Delta UV Ultraviolet sanitizing, ionization, ozonation and electric oxidation. Pools, spas and water features usually need a layered approach to sanitizing. Our greatest success has been Delta UV, an ionizing or electric oxidation. Other “Go-Green”, Energy Saving products are our main thrust for use by our clients because we like to put the fun back into pool and spa use.

We have been told, many times over, “thank you for getting the costs down on electricity, chemicals, repair and maintenance costs”. We have excellent energy efficient products now to provide HUGE savings and greater pure water management.

Warranty & Repair

Ohana Pool & Spa is currently a certified Warranty & Repair Company which has the highest quality products available. The new Intelliflo Pump, can save thousands of dollars a year in electricity bills and Delta UV sanitizing can save hundreds a year in chemicals and thousands a year in repairs.

Eco-Friendly Products

Ohana Pool & Spa opened a division of biochemistry which was motivated to get the purest water to your pool and spa, and WE DID IT! We have also become a Beachcomber Hot Tub dealer, which manufactures a “Go-Green” hot tub with the most energy efficient, pro-tech insulation (R-40) available. This saves big bucks in electricity and includes a clear-tech Delta UV sanitizer which makes a complete spa, unsurpassed in its functions, at the least cost and highest quality engineering. Ohana Water Treatment has begun installation of home water treatment systems at “Point of Entry” to get all the parasites, bacteria, and chemicals out of your water system.

We at Ohana Pool & Spa would love to consult with you on these “Go-Green”, Energy-Saving, Eco-friendly products. Please contact us for your consultation and let us put the fun back into your pool and spa experience.