Swimming Pool Cloudy?

There are three things that may cause your pool to be cloudy.  Pool Chemicals – An inadequate amount of chemicals may cause your pool to be cloudy. Pool Filter – If your filter system is not working properly, you are at risk for a cloudy pool. The Environment – Weather, animals, construction, trees, sun and people may cause your pool … Read More

Fun in the Pool

When is the last time you had fun? Swimming pools provide a great opportunity for playing with your kids, having pool parties with friends and family and just relaxation. A few benefits of having a pool include:  Stress  Reliever Brain Function Elevates Creativity Forms a Stronger Social Connection Increases Energy Improves Social Skills Contact Ohana Pool & Spa for ideas … Read More

Efficient Pools

Maui Pool Service

You can save money and the environment with an energy efficient pool.  I have listed a couple ways to make your swimming pool eco-friendly. Prevent Water Evaporation – The U.S. Department of Energy has found that water evaporation is devastatingly the single largest source of energy over consumption, accounting for 70% of total energy lost in both indoor and outdoor … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maui Pool Service

Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Is your pool and/or jacuzzi ready for the holiday?  Call our maintenance and repair technicians at Ohana Pool & Spa to get your pool and/or jacuzzi up and running for you to enjoy! Our qualified technicians are eager to help! Our services include weekly Maui swimming … Read More

Backyard Oasis

There are so many reasons to have a backyard swimming pool.  A swimming pool that is well-designed can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis.  It is a place for family time, a perfect place to throw a party, a spot to unwind after a long day or a great workout retreat. Ohana Pool & Spa can help make this … Read More

Maui Pool Service

It’s another gorgeous day!  If you pool needs a little attention, call Ohana Pool & Spa to do the job.  Our qualified, experienced pool technicians are ready to help. Our services include providing pool chemicals, repairs, maintenance, weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, water testing and inspection of your swimming pool equipment. Call us today!

Child Safety Around Your Pool

Many people have enjoyed time with their children in the swimming pool, especially during the quarantine period.  We need to be responsible on safety tips for everyone in the pool. The highest rate of drowning deaths, according to the World Health Organization, are from ages one to four, followed from five to nine years of age. There are many ways … Read More

Pets and Pool Safety

Don’t forget about the safety of your pet around your Maui swimming pool.  Taking a few precautions could save your pet’s life. Be aware of your pet’s swimming abilities. Never leave your pet unsupervised near the water. Make sure your pet knows how to get out of the pool. Practice the “come” command to get your pet out of the … Read More


Does your New Year’s Resolution involve updating your pool?  Call Ohana Pool & Spa for hydrazzo or new tiling resurfacing.  Our pool technicians are highly qualified to give your pool a new facelift for the new year! Also, check out our pool chemicals and supplies available at our store in Lahaina. Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, chemicals, … Read More

Happy New Year!

The management and staff and Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish all of our customers and prospective customers a very Happy New Year.  We hope 2024 is a terrific year for all of you! Keep in mind for the new year our services at Ohana Pool & Spa.  We perform pool and spa renovations, detailed pool and spa … Read More