Green Algae

Green algae can be different shades of green.  It can appear dark green, blue green and yellow green.  Green algae is the most common algae in a swimming pool.  It can stick to walls and steps and can float freely.  If it is left untreated, it could damage the filter as well as your pool surfaces. Ohana Pool & Spa … Read More

Rain Water and Swimming Pools

There isn’t anything better than a cool dip on a hot day or just lounging by the pool.  With that said, there is no avoiding the rain.  The extra water can affect your pool water and the chemistry.  It can make your pool unsanitary and even cause it to lose its visual appeal.  The chemical imbalance does not come from … Read More

Chemical Management

Chemical management includes testing the water and adding chemicals to keep it pH balanced.  Pool chemicals include chlorine tablets and shock, balancers, clarifiers and algaecides. Equipment maintenance involves keep the pool filter and pump running efficiently by cleaning the filters and baskets and watching over the total operation. Ohana Pool & Spa is very qualified to take care of you … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Give us a call to have your Maui swimming pool ready to sit back and celebrate with your special someone! Our services include Maui swimming pool cleanings, maintenance, repairs, chemicals, water testing and safety checks of your swimming pool equipment.  

Ways to Create Gathering Spots in and Around Your Pool

Maui Grills

Who does not love gathering around the swimming pool on a beautiful day?  Your ideal entertainment space can offer options. A few options would include: Swim-Up Bars/Sometimes you don’t want to get out of the water, but the bar is where the action is! Outdoor Kitchens/The kitchen many times becomes the main gathering place when entertaining.  Why not bring the … Read More

Do You Have a Healthy Pool?

Is your pool a healthy pool?  You can use your senses to see if it is.  Use your sight to look for clear blue water.  Use your touch to check for smooth and clean tiles.  You can use your smell to make sure there are no strong odors.  Finally, you can listen to your pool cleaning equipment to make sure … Read More

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool is the centerpiece of family fun.  Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance, your sparkling pool will get smelly and dirty.  Proper maintenance is not as fun as splashing and swimming. There are five basic swimming pool step to proper maintenance: Skim the Surface Brush the Walls Vacuum the Floor Clean the Filter Wash the Deck Call Ohana Pool … Read More

New Year’s Resolution

Does your New Year’s Resolution involve updating your pool?  Call Ohana Pool & Spa for hydrazzo or new tiling resurfacing.  Our pool technicians are highly qualified to give your pool a new facelift for the new year! Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, chemicals, inspections, water testing and more.

Happy New Year!

The management and staff and Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish all of our customers and prospective customers a very Happy New Year.  We hope 2023 is a terrific year for all of you with all the health and happiness of a prosperous New Year! Keep in mind for the new year our services at Ohana Pool & … Read More

Algae in Your Pool

Black algae is dark blue green in color and can find homes in the crevices and cracks of your pool.  Black algae has strong roots and if not killed and treated property, it will easily come back.  This algae is very hard to get rid of. Before this happens to your pool, let Ohana Pool & Spa set you up … Read More