Types of Pool Filters

Your swimming pool’s water is pumped to your filter where undissolved debris will be removed by one of the three primary ways, based on the different materials that are used to filter your water: Sand Cartridge DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Sand filters are the most popular filters.  They have the desired features of being low cost and incredibly easy to use. … Read More

Cloudy Water?

The party-goers have come and gone and you are left with cloudy, milky pool water.  With a splash of this and a dash of that we can have your pool water back to clean and sparkling just in time for the next pool event.  We would first need to make sure your chemical levels are within the ranges before moving … Read More

In Need of a New Hot Tub?

Maui Spa Hot Tub

Quality is an essential element in every one of Beachcomber’s models. Each Beachcomber Hot Tub is built with the same high-quality materials and workmanship to the same exacting standards. The only degrees of differences are in size, design, available options and price. This built-in quality means your Beachcomber Hot Tub will help ensure that you and your family enjoy health, happiness, … Read More

Ohana Pool & Spa Store Hours

Starting February 15, 2018, our Lahaina store will close at noon every Thursday and will now be open on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. until noon. Your feedback on the new stores hours would be helpful.  We are trying to meet the needs of all our customers. Mahalo! Our services include weekly swimming pool cleaning, chemicals, repairs, maintenance, plaster and resurfacing … Read More

Rainy Days

Ohana Pool

We’ve been having a few rainy days on Maui.  Rain can affect the water chemistry of your Maui swimming pool and can get out of control fast. Call Ohana Pool & Spa to have our technicians come and do a water test of your swimming pool. Our services include maintenance, repairs, weekly cleaning, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui … Read More

Performance Grilling Systems

Maui Grills

Ohana Pool & Spa is proud to be Maui’s authorized independent dealer of top of the line grills from Performance Grilling Systems (PGS). About Performance Grilling Systems PGS Grills by AEI Corporation are used on thousands of residential patios throughout North America as well as apartment common areas, bed and breakfasts, golf clubs, sailing clubs and even outdoor environments of … Read More

New Online Store

Maui Pool Supplies

I wanted to make everyone aware that we now have an up and running online store at Ohana Pool & Spa! The Internet has altered the way we shop.   We have started the online shopping to make it more convenient, easy and save time and effort for you, our customers, to get the items you need for your pool … Read More

Beat the Heat with an Iced Tea

The hot days are upon us.  Your backyard Maui swimming pool is a great way to cool off, but what do you do when you get out of the pool to beat the heat? It is very important to stay hydrated in the heat, so you definitely need to drink plenty of water.  When lounging by the pool, nothing beats … Read More

Pools are for Relaxation

Pools aren’t just for swimming.  They are the perfect escape from your hectic life. Do you really need an excuse to have some “me time?” Never! So grab your favorite read and get lost in a book while lying poolside. Call your Maui pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, for a consultation on getting your own private pool side escape. … Read More

Merry Christmas!

Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We hope the best for you and your families. A rainy day on Maui?  Rainfall can disrupt the accuracy of the chemicals in your Maui swimming pool.  Contact our office for an inspection of your swimming pool for proper amounts of chemicals to … Read More