Swimming Pool Exercises

Swimming pools are not only for laying back and relaxing but also a terrific home exercise tool. Some favorite pool exercises are: Water Running – This is a high-intensity cardio but it’s also low-impact because it takes all of the weight off of your knees, hips and ankles. Bicycle Kicks – Rest your arms on the side of your pool … Read More

Pool Enhancements and Features

There are endless possibilities for adding features to your swimming pool remodeling.  When you include additional features to your swimming pool you can customize your backyard environment.  Even the smallest change can make a difference.  Not only will these features enhance your swimming pool experience, but can possibly add value to your home. Some additional features include: Water Features Fountain … Read More

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Maui Spa Hot Tub

Hot tubs have always been advertised as being great for your health.  Do you really know what those benefits are?  Here is why sitting in a hot tub might help improve your overall health. Improved Sleep Reduced Stress & Anxiety Lower Blood Pressure Better Skin Care Less Chronic Pain Aromatherapy Call your Maui swimming pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, … Read More

Not Just a Pool

When you own a swimming pool, it is not just a big body of water.  It has far more benefits than the pool gets credit for.  Along with hosting fun events with your family and friends, it also is great for your mind and body.  Physical exercise is a monumental benefit when it comes to owning your own swimming pool. … Read More

Red Eyes from Swimming?

Maui Pool Service Repair

Have your eyes ever turned red or stung when you were swimming in a pool? Did you think it was because of chlorine in the pool water? Have you ever walked into an indoor swimming pool facility and thought “There is a lot of chlorine in that pool?” It is actually not the chlorine.  You are smelling a group of … Read More

Healthy & Safe Swimming Week

The week of May 21-27, 2018 identifies the 14th annual Healthy & Safe Swimming Week.  This is a great time to make sure your swimming pool and or hot tub facilities are operating in the correct manner. Call your #1 Maui Swimming Pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, to have a compete check of your swimming pool and hot tub … Read More

Improve Your Health with a Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the best exercises for aerobic conditioning.  If you have ever found yourself breathing hard after a few laps in the pool, then you know that swimming can be harder than it looks. Aquatic workouts offer a great advantage of low-impact exercise.  It is especially helpful for people who experience joint pain, muscle weakness or other aches … Read More

Backyard Oasis

Are you daydreaming of that yearly vacation where you can escape the grind of your job and fly to some exotic location?  You will lounge by the pool with the glistening water shining in the sun. Why not enjoy that everyday?  Use your vacation money and spend it on making your own backyard resort.  Transform your one week of pleasure … Read More

Light Up Your Swimming Pool With Fire Features

Fire features are the latest trend in outdoor home improvement.  The correct fire features creates focus for your landscaping and ties together a backyard with a comfortable social area. Call your Maui swimming pool service to find the right fire feature for your backyard oasis. Our services include weekly pool cleaning, chemicals, repairs, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui … Read More

Not Just a Swimming Pool

If you are a pool owner, you don’t just own a swimming pool.  A pool has way more benefits than it gets acknowledgment for.  Not only do you enjoy a swimming pool by having fun events with your family and friends, it also does good things for your body and mind.  Physical exercise is a large benefit when it comes … Read More