Caring for your Spa

Make sure your spa is chemically balanced.  Chemically balanced water is not only for your protection, but for your spa’s protection as well.  A test can be done for the hardness level of the water.  When the hardness is too high, ugly scale deposits develop.  If it is too low, the pipes, heaters, and fixtures can be damaged or become … Read More

Odor in Swimming Pool

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What causes chlorine odor, itchy skin and red eyes?  These annoying conditions indicate that the pool water has not been correctly treated.  A common cause of high levels of chloramines, formed when chlorine combines with body oils, perspiration, urine and other contaminants carried into the pool by swimmers. Contrary to popular belief, a strong chemical smell is not an indication … Read More

Chemical Management

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Chemical management includes testing the water and adding chemicals to keep it pH balanced.  Pool chemicals include chlorine tablets and shock, balancers, clarifiers and algaecides. Equipment maintenance involves keep the pool filter and pump running efficiently by cleaning the filters and baskets and watching over the total operation. Ohana Pool & Spa is very qualified to take care of you … Read More

Backyard Fun Place

There are so many reasons to have a backyard swimming pool.  A swimming pool that is well-designed can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis.  It is a place for family time, a perfect place to throw a party, a spot to unwind after a long day or a great workout retreat. Ohana Pool & Spa can help make this … Read More


Is your pool or jacuzzi in need of repairs or maintenance?  An efficient running pool and/or jacuzzi will save you money in chemicals. Have one of our repair and/or maintenance technicians do an inspection of  your pool and/or jacuzzi to be sure it is running efficiently. Give Ohana Pool & Spa a call today! Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool … Read More

Pool Cleaning

To extend the life of your Maui swimming pool, make sure you are using the right pool chemicals and the proper procedures on cleaning your pool. Contact Ohana Pool & Spa and speak with one of our pool technicians and pool maintenance staff to look at your pool. We will check your pool chemical levels to make sure you are … Read More

Swimming Pool Cloudy?

There are three things that may cause your pool to be cloudy.  Pool Chemicals – An inadequate amount of chemicals may cause your pool to be cloudy. Pool Filter – If your filter system is not working properly, you are at risk for a cloudy pool. The Environment – Weather, animals, construction, trees, sun and people may cause your pool … Read More

Fun in the Pool

When is the last time you had fun? Swimming pools provide a great opportunity for playing with your kids, having pool parties with friends and family and just relaxation. A few benefits of having a pool include:  Stress  Reliever Brain Function Elevates Creativity Forms a Stronger Social Connection Increases Energy Improves Social Skills Contact Ohana Pool & Spa for ideas … Read More

Efficient Pools

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You can save money and the environment with an energy efficient pool.  I have listed a couple ways to make your swimming pool eco-friendly. Prevent Water Evaporation – The U.S. Department of Energy has found that water evaporation is devastatingly the single largest source of energy over consumption, accounting for 70% of total energy lost in both indoor and outdoor … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Is your pool and/or jacuzzi ready for the holiday?  Call our maintenance and repair technicians at Ohana Pool & Spa to get your pool and/or jacuzzi up and running for you to enjoy! Our qualified technicians are eager to help! Our services include weekly Maui swimming … Read More