Benefits to an Outdoor Kitchen

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If you are thinking of upgrading your yard for a special event or just for everyday living, an outdoor kitchen is a great idea.  It will add a unique touch to any of your gatherings and just give you more reason to be outside and enjoy the weather.  A few benefits include saving on utility bills, increases home value and … Read More

Swimming Pool Alarms

Safety is one of the most important aspects of owning a swimming pool.  This is especially true for small children.  Children are attracted to swimming pools and it only takes a few moments unsupervised for an accident to happen.  One of the best ways to keep a pool safe when you are not using it would be to put up … Read More

Massage and Therapy

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Are you in need of a massage?  Check our our complete line of Beachcomber Hot Tubs. At a touch of a button, you immerse yourself in swirling water and receive the benefits of hydrotherapy.  In our hot tub line, we feature Fletjet patterns that fit your lifestyle and therapy needs. The Beachcomber lounging bed is a very unique feature.  It … Read More

Ways to Entertain by Your Pool

Most everyone with a working pool is giving consideration to the next big pool party.  Simply having a cool body of water to serve as a reprieve from the heat of the sun is more than enough to get people into your pool, but there are so many ways to throw pool parties other than the basic route.  A few … Read More

A Leak In Your Pool?

Pools seem like simple systems.  Once you build your pool and fill it with water, there should be no leaking at all.  Theoretically, a pool will lose water in a few days.  Splashing and evaporation account for some, but not all. There are many parts and connections involved that it cannot hold all the water in.  Concrete, of which many … Read More

5 Swimming Pool Myths – Busted

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We’ve all hear rumors about swimming and swimming pools, but are they true? Wait an hour after you eat to swim – Some truth.  The truth is, when your stomach is digesting food, more blood goes to your stomach to aid in digestion, leaving less blood in your other muscles.  If you over work those muscles, you may get cramps. … Read More

How To Lose Weight In A Swimming Pool

You probably already know that a swimming pool can turn your ordinary backyard into a relaxing and gorgeous retreat, but what you may not know is that a pool provides one of the best fat burning workouts.  That is because water is 800 times denser than air, so everytime you move in the pool, you are doing a resistance workout. … Read More

How Does Rain Water Effect Your Pool?

There isn’t anything better than a cool dip on a hot day or just lounging by the pool.  With that said, there is no avoiding the rain.  The extra water can affect your pool water and the chemistry.  It can make your pool unsanitary and even cause it to lose its visual appeal.  The chemical imbalance does not come from … Read More

Juvenile Arthritis Month

July is Juvenile Arthritis Month.  The swimming pool is a great place for treating arthritis.  The viscosity of the water creates an environment where resistance can be created as soon as you jump in the water.  Movement creates resistance and termination of movement removes all resistance.  In the water, it is possible to move in all three planes of motion … Read More

Pool Chemistry Will Extend Your Pool’s Life

Swimming pool chemistry is the balance and levels of chemicals in your pool.  The correct chemical balance is necessary to keep your pool clean, protect your pool finish from discoloration, and prevent damage to your swimming pool equipment. Test for proper pH levels, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and salt levels.  This test can be done at your local Maui Swimming … Read More