Equipment Repairs

Is your pool or jacuzzi in need of repairs or maintenance?  An efficient running pool and/or jacuzzi will save you money in chemicals and extend the life of your equipment. Have one of our repair and/or maintenance technicians do an inspection of  your pool and/or jacuzzi to be sure it is running efficiently. Give Ohana Pool & Spa a call today!  … Read More

Swimming Pool Myths

Maui Pool Service Repair

We’ve all heard rumors about swimming and swimming pools, but are they true? Wait an hour after you eat to swim – Some truth.  The truth is, when your stomach is digesting food, more blood goes to your stomach to aid in digestion, leaving less blood in your other muscles.  If you over work those muscles, you may get cramps. … Read More

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a terrific Blessed Easter weekend. With the holiday over, maybe your pool and/or jacuzzi needs to be cleaned. Ohana Pool & Spa is very experienced and qualified to maintain your water needs.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your Maui swimming pool serviced and cleaned. Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, … Read More

Proper Care of Swimming Pool

Investing in a swimming pool is just that – an investment.  Why take the risk of making classic mistakes when it comes to caring for your pool equipment? Some common mistakes are: Algae – If you have an algae problem, many pool owners try to troubleshoot by using their automatic cleaner to blow it out.  This can make the problem … Read More

Water Therapy

Daily pain is a fact of life for millions of people.  The healthy way to take care of the pain is through water therapy. Anyone with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or lower back pain knows water is more than comforting for the pain.  Water provides relief to an aching body and is a pain-free way to exercise. Pool therapy is very beneficial … Read More

Is Your Pool Healthy?

Is your pool a healthy pool?  You can use your senses to see if it is.  Use your sight to look for clear blue water.  Use your touch to check for smooth and clean tiles.  You can use your smell to make sure there are no strong odors.  Finally, you can listen to your pool cleaning equipment to make sure … Read More

Hot Tubs and Sore Muscles

Maui Hot Tub Dealers

Do hot tubs help relieve sore muscles?  The answer is YES!  Your hot tub can bring your body from stiff and overloaded to agile and rejuvenated.  Heat therapy helps increase blood flow, stimulate healing, and relax muscles.  You will, in fact, benefit fro  soaking in a hot tub before and after exercise. Call your Maui pool service, Ohana Pool & … Read More

Is High Alkalinity Harmful To Your Pool?

A high alkalinity has the potential risk of affecting how all chemicals work in a swimming pool.  For example, the pH-one of the most valuable chemicals in the pool-is greatly affected by total alkalinity.  When TA goes too high, the pH will go to the high end and this will make all chemicals useless, including your chlorine. When total alkalinity … Read More

How to Lower Alkalinity and pH

If your swimming pool has high alkalinity and pH, below are a few tips on how to lower. Take accurate readings of TA and pH using a reliable test kit. Mix muriatic and and water and distribute it evenly in your swimming pool.  Use a pool calculator to get the right amount of acid needed.  Your level should be 100 … Read More

Pool Resurfacing

Is your pool in need of resurfacing?  Call Ohana Pool & Spa to do the job for you.  Our qualified pool technicians will give you superior service. We can do plaster work and the maintenance afterward to keep your pool running efficiently. Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, chemicals, repairs, water testing, and swimming pool inspections