New Addition to Our Ohana!

Ohana Pool

We would like to congratulate Josh & Kiana Jepsen on the birth of their new bundle of joy!  We would like to introduce our newest addition to Ohana Pool & Spa.  Aria Akemi Hikianalia Jepsen was born June 30, 2021    We are so very excited for them!

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean During This Pandemic

COVID-19 is taking the world over and not in a good way.  Many large and small businesses are having their employees work from their homes.  While schools are closing, kids and teenagers are staying home.  If you have a swimming pool, you may be in luck. As I stated in a previous post, the CDC states “there is no evidence … Read More

COVID-19 Virus

To Our Valued Customers: First and foremost, we hope everyone in your family is safe and healthy.  With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we at Ohana Pool & Spa wanted to let you know that we are monitoring the situation and taking the advice of our Government and the CDC. Here is an update from the CDC on COVID-19 … Read More

Do You Have A Pool Leak?

Pools seem like simple systems.  Once you build your pool and fill it with water, there should be no leaking at all.  Theoretically, a pool will lose water in a few days.  Splashing and evaporation account for some, but not all. There are many parts and connections involved that it cannot hold all the water in.  Concrete, of which many … Read More

Juvenile Arthritis Month

July is Juvenile Arthritis Month.  The swimming pool is a great place for treating arthritis.  The viscosity of the water creates an environment where resistance can be created as soon as you jump in the water.  Movement creates resistance and termination of movement removes all resistance.  In the water, it is possible to move in all three planes of motion … Read More

Quality of Life with a Swimming Pool

Maui Pool Repair Service

It has been proven that swimming pools improve quality of life in many ways, leading to a longer life.  Here are a few reasons pools can have a positive impact on the quality of life.  Socialization – Owning a pool converts your home into the perfect venue for parties, events and get togethers. Benefits of Physical Fitness – Swimming is … Read More

Pool or Spa Repairs

Does your swimming pool or hot tub need repair? Ohana Pool & Spa has a team of expert technicians ready to get your pool and/or spa running like new again.  We take great pride in making sure your equipment is quickly repaired and running like new again. Our repair and installation services include: Filters, Pumps, Tile, Deck and Plaster, Liners, … Read More

Is Chlorine Safe for Swimming Pools?

Chlorine is safe for pools when used according to the package directions as approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chlorine levels within the recommended range for swimming pools do not cause any known health risks. Chlorine has been used safely as pool and spa disinfection for over a century.  The majority of public and residential pools are sanitized with … Read More

Swimming Pool Fun

When is the last time you had fun? Swimming pools provide a great opportunity for playing with your kids, having pool parties with friends and family and just relaxation. A few benefits of having a pool include:  Stress  Reliever Brain Function Elevates Creativity Forms a Stronger Social Connection Increases Energy Improves Social Skills Contact Ohana Pool & Spa for ideas … Read More

Happy Holidays!

Ohana Pool & Spa would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We wish for you the very best in the year 2017. Contact us anytime for all your pool and outdoor living needs.  We are happy and eager to be of assistance. Our services include chemicals, repairs, weekly cleaning and maintenance, resurfacing and plastering. … Read More