Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Maui Hot Tub Dealers

During this time of the health pandemic and unchartered territory, are you in need of a massage?  Check our our complete line of Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

At a touch of a button, you immerse yourself in swirling water and receive the benefits of hydrotherapy.  In our hot tub line, we feature Fletjet patterns that fit your lifestyle and therapy needs.

The Beachcomber lounging bed is a very unique feature.  It gently embraces your body, while allowing you the freedom to move within the seat.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and know that Ohana Pool & Spa is here to help you with all of your swimming pool and /or hot tub needs.  Contact your Maui Pool company, Ohana Pool & Spa, for more information on our complete line of hot tubs.

Our services include weekly maintenance and cleaning of your Maui swimming pool, chemicals, water testing, pool inspections, repairs, resurfacing and plaster of your Maui swimming pool.