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Bromine vs Chlorine?

Chlorine dissolves quickly to begin sanitizing the water. Chlorine tablets can be used in floating dispensers, in line or offline chlorine feeders, or placed right in the skimmer basket, although this is not recommended.  Granules can be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water and dispensed around the pool.  As chlorine begins disinfecting the water or killing algae it forms compounds called chloramines.

Chlorine is easily broken down by sunlight and so it is recommended that you use a stabilizer to prevent premature breakdown.

Bromine should be used in a feeder, floating dispenser or placed in your skimmer basket because they take longer to dissolve.

Due to its slow-dissolving nature, bromine can take longer to build up a residual in the water and can be more difficult to raise quickly if the level drops.  Bromine Booster can be used to raise the level of bromine ions.

Chlorine and bromine are both effective sanitizers.  For spas and hot tubs you can use either, but bromine is better in hot water.

If you have any questions about which to use in your Maui swimming pool, please give Ohana Pool & Spa a call, as we are always here to help you make decisions regarding your pool.

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