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FAQ on a Pool

Does Chlorine Prevent All Recreational Water Illnesses? – Chlorine in pools kills the germs that may make people sick, but it does take time.  Chlorine in properly disinfected pools kills most germs that cause RWIs within minutes.  However, it takes a longer time to kill germs such as Cryptosporidium that can live for days even in a properly disinfected swimming pool.

How Often Do I Need To Test My Pool Water? – Testing your swimming pool water weekly works for most pools, but the best bet is to test your pH and chlorine levels at least twice a week.  Chlorine should be continuously fed through a chemical feeding device to keep a consistent level.

Can I Use Chemicals Left Over From Last Season?  Check the expiration date on your pool chemicals and discard and replace any that may have expired.  Never dispose of chemicals in the household trash or down any drain unless directed by a water treatment facility.  Never pour your chemicals down a drain or toilet if they lead to a septic tank.  It is always a good idea to buy new chemicals from your local pool retailer.

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