Foaming Hot Tub?

Do you have a hot tub foaming problem you want to fix once and for all?  Too much foam in a hot tub is one of the most common problems that spa owners complain about.  When the water first goes in to the spa you notice that there is almost no bubbles or foam at all, but a few weeks or months later you can hardly see past the wall of bubbles every time you turn on the jets.  There are a number of reasons why you could end up having a problem with foam and bubbles in your hot tub.  A few reasons could be:

You need to replace the filter more often.  Over time, these paper filters absorb sweat, grease, oils and other impurities.

Soap residue in the spa.  If you get into the hot tub with soap residue on your bathing suit, or on your skin or hair it will create too much foam in your spa.  If you take a quick rinse before entering the hot tub it will help remove detergent and soap residue on your body and swim suit.  If you launder your swimming suit every time you use it, then this is most certainly the reason soap is making it into your spa water.

Low calcium hardness levels.  Hard water is harder for soap to lather.  Soft water is easy to lather soap.  If you have very low calcium hardness levels in your spa then you will have too much foam from even the smallest residue of soap.  This is one of the reasons you want to maintain a calcium hardness level above zero.

Change the water in your spa often and this will drastically reduce the amount of foam you get in your water.

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