Hot Tub Balance Guide

Maui Hot Tub Dealers

Tips to know to get your hot tub ready for relaxation.

  1. Test your fill water for hardness.  Bring a sample in to Ohana Pool & Spa and we will check it for hardness level.
  2.  Test for metals.  After you have filled your hot tub, bring a sample in to check for metals.

Always balance the alkalinity level first, then pH and then recheck water hardness.  Add chemicals in small increments.  Wait 6 hours between adjustments so your adjustment chemical has time to work.  If balancing takes longer than 2 days add a chlorine shock to maintain sanitizer levels.

Contact Ohana Pool & Spa to check your hot tub levels for balancing, then sit back, relax and enjoy!

Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, chemicals, water testing, maintenance, repairs, safety checks of your swimming pool and equipment.