Hot Tub Foaming?

Maui Hot Tub Dealers

Foam is common in hot tubs that are used frequently, however, having an excess amount of it is something that should be dealt with.  Foam is created by dissolved solids in your hot tub water.  These solids can include laundry detergent, deodorant, lotion, makeup, etc.  Using too much water care products can also cause your water to foam.

Some steps to take to clear up your water:

  • Test your water
  • Scoop out the foam
  • Replace or clean your filter
  • Shock your hot tub with your sanitizer system
  • Use a “Foam Free” product

Call your Maui pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, to get your spa back to crystal clear water.  Our Maui pool services include, weekly pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, chemicals, resurfacing and plaster.

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