How Often To Drain Hot Tub?

Maui Spa Hot Tub

Most often you will find you are told to drain your hot tub every three or six months.  In the majority of cases, if you were to follow this advice your hot tub would end up with a lot of chemicals, body oils and biofilm of which you soak in to relax.

If you were to follow the general guideline for how long you should go between draining your hot tub the best number would be around four times a year.  The problem with this is it only covers ideal situations.  If your hot tub sits unused a lot then you should drain and refill every three months.  If you use your hot tub often, you may need to drain and refill sooner.  It depends on how you use your hot tub, how you manage water chemistry and how often you change the filters.

If you like to add oils or scents to your hot tub, you should be aware that doing so will increase the frequency you need to drain and refill.  Both salts and oils will build up in the water over time.

Depending on spa bather load, for example, if more than two people use your hot tub and it gets used a few times per week, you can consider this heavy use and three months is probably stretching drain and refill.

Changing your hot tub filters and chemical management correctly will extend draining and refill time.

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