Pool Algae

Algae growth is the most obvious sign of something is wrong with pool maintenance.   Proper maintenance will keep your water looking great and will also allow for easy prevention of algae growth.

There are two basic groups of algae:

  1. Free-floating types include mustard and green varieties.  Green algae will be visible throughout the water itself and will turn the water different shades of green.  Mustard algae tends to cling loosely to the walls of the pool and brushes off easily.
  2. Black algae is the common name given to the dark blue-green algae found growing on pool surfaces.  Black algae grows in isolated areas such as along one wall, in the deep end, in a corner or around obstacles such as steps indicates an area of poor sanitization and circulation.

The growth of algae can be easily prevented by using a quality algaecide as part of a regular maintenance program and by proper circulation.

The most common cause of algae in a pool is chemical imbalance.  If you’re not doing a routine maintenance, including vacuuming and testing your water, you’re likely to struggle with algae.

If you are having algae issues, call Ohana Pool & Spa to have your water tested and get your swimming pool sparkling again.

Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool maintenance, inspections, swimming pool cleaning, water testing, chemicals, repairs, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui pool.