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Pool Leak or Evaporation?

Pool leaks can happen anywhere in or outside your pool.  Before you start looking for the leak, make sure you check the filter system area, including the filter, heater, pump, and chlorinator.

In an inground pool, leaks can occur by cracked pipes underground.  If this is the case, call Ohana Pool & Spa to test the lines for possible cracks.

You can do the “bucket method” to check to see if you are losing water from evaporation.

Fill a bucket about 3/4 full of water and mark where the water line is on the inside of the bucket with a Sharpie marker. Float the bucket in the shallow end of the pool and mark the water line on the outside of the bucket with a marker or tape.  Let it float for two to three days.

If the water inside and outside the bucket has gone down the same amount, your pool is losing water from evaporation.  If the water level has gone down more outside the bucket than inside the bucket, your pool has a leak.

Ohana Pool & Spa is experienced in checking and fixing leaks in pools. Our services also include, pool building, repairs, maintenance, chemicals, plaster and resurfacing.

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