Proper Care of Swimming Pool

Investing in a swimming pool is just that – an investment.  Why take the risk of making classic mistakes when it comes to caring for your pool equipment?

Some common mistakes are:

Algae – If you have an algae problem, many pool owners try to troubleshoot by using their automatic cleaner to blow it out.  This can make the problem worse as it blows the algae all over your swimming pool.  To successfully remove it, it needs to be vacuumed manually.

pH Levels – Did you know that keeping your pH levels too low will cause your pool to become too acidic?  Don’t be too sparse on your pool’s chemicals because although your pool looks clean it doesn’t mean it is.  Low pH levels can ruin anything that touches your water.

Calcium Hardness – If you aren’t keeping your pool water “hard”, you are not protecting the plaster and filter system effectively.  Monitoring calcium hardness is just as important as monitoring pH levels.

Making sure your swimming pool’s water chemistry is at its correct levels will prolong the life and overall health of your pool’s interior.

Contact Ohana Pool & Spa for a water test to make sure your swimming pool is at its best performance.

Our services include weekly swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, water testing, repairs, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui swimming pool.