Rain Water and Your Pool

There isn’t anything better than a cool dip on a hot day or just lounging by the pool.  With that said, there is no avoiding the rain.  The extra water can affect your pool water and the chemistry.  It can make your pool unsanitary and even cause it to lose its visual appeal.  The chemical imbalance does not come from the chemicals being diluted in the extra water.

The problem is what comes with the water, not how much rain water there is.  Algae and other airborne debris is carried with the rain and are deposited in your pool. These algae spores are what causes the issues with your pool.

As you can tell, rainwater is not a good addition to your pool.  It provides a breeding ground for some nasty materials that can make your family and friends sick.  Get your pool tested regularly to keep your water well-balanced to protect and fight against these contaminants.

Call your Maui swimming pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, for a regular check of your water chemistry.

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