How To Recognize A Healthy Pool

Since you can’t see germs floating around in  your pool, use your senses to differentiate between a healthy pool and a likely risky one:

Sight:  Look for water that is clean, clear and blue – free from algae and that it is not cloudy. You should clearly see the drain or pool floor.

Touch: The tiles should feel smooth and clean.  Slippery or sticky tiles are caused by algae and other unwanted organisms.

Smell:  Chlorine helps keep pools healthy.  A well-maintained pool will not have a strong chemical odor.

Sound: Listen to your pool pumps.  Properly running pumps help make sure that clean, chlorinated water reaches all parts of the pool.  The filter physically removes debris.

Call Ohana Pool & Spa to keep your pool a healthy one!  Our services include weekly cleaning maintenance, chemicals, repairs, resurfacing, plastering of your pool.