Sleep Better When You Have A Pool

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The National Sleep Foundation has developed a new Sleep Health Index which found that 45 percent of Americans say that poor sleep affected their daily activities.  Americans report good sleep quantity, not quality.  Those who report poor quality sleep also report poor quality health.  Sleep is an important factor in overall health.  You might wonder what this has to do with swimming pools.  Swimming pools can help you have a better quality sleep!

When you own a swimming pool, you can be certain you will have better sleep for these reasons:

  1.  Exercise – Studies have found there is a correlation between exercise and sleep.  Swimming is one of the best exercises for sleep because swimming uses all the major muscle groups, tiring your body more.
  2. Water Temperature – Warm water can raise your temperature, which can cause fatigue and make you tired.  Cool water can create fatigue as your body works to stay warm.
  3. Relaxation – Taking a break and unwinding from a hectic life with a swim or soak in a spa can help reduce stress and enable you to relax.
  4. Massage – Spas, and some pools have pulsating water that can soothe sore muscles and relieve aches and pains.  Which in turn, can lead to better sleep.

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