Swimming Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool is the heart of family fun.  Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance your sparkling pool will become dull and dirty.  Pool maintenance isn’t nearly as fun as playing and swimming in the water.  The right maintenance program allows you to get back to enjoying the water.  General pool maintenance will help you enjoy your pool more and make your pool and equipment last longer.

Basic steps to Swimming Pool Maintenance:

  1. Skim the Surface  Debris accumulates on your pool’s surface everyday.  Removing this will keep the water fresh and allow you to deep clean less frequently.
  2. Brush the Walls  The walls of your pool need to be scrubbed to remove dirt, chemical residue and potential algae growth.
  3. Vacuum the Floor  Attach your vacuum head and hose to the telescopic pole to clear debris from the bottom of your pool.
  4. Clean the Filter  Cleaning your pool is useless if you neglect the filter.  In fact, you will be cleaning a lot more often if your pool’s filter isn’t clean enough to circulate the water properly.
  5. Wash the Deck  Sweep the area around your pool to remove leaves, grass clippings and other debris that will potentially end up in your swimming pool.

For help with all the basic steps to pool maintenance or to have your swimming pool cleaned professionally, call Ohana Pool & Spa today.

Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, chemicals, swimming pool inspections, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui swimming pool.