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Swimming Pool Myths

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We’ve all heard rumors about swimming and swimming pools, but are they true?

  1. Wait an hour after you eat to swim – Some truth.  The truth is, when your stomach is digesting food, more blood goes to your stomach to aid in digestion, leaving less blood in your other muscles.  If you over work those muscles, you may get cramps.  Try eating a lighter meal before swimming.
  2. There’s too much chlorine in the pool because I can smell it.  False. Actually, the opposite is true.  Chlorine in your pool attaches to bacteria and creates chloramines.  When you shock your pool, these turn into oxygen and escape into the air.  You smell the chlorine when it is in the air, not the pool.
  3. Chlorine will turn my blonde hair green.  False.  It is the copper that effects your hair.  Some algaecides are copper based and the oxidized metals in the water can attach to the protein in your hair.  It can easily be removed by a shampoo that strips the color, or condition your hair before swimming.
  4. Chlorine burns your eyes if you open them in the water.  False.  It is the unbalanced pH level in your water.  Maintain your pH between 7.2 and 7.6
  5. There is no chlorine in a saltwater pool.  False.  To sanitize a saltwater pool is a process called electrolysis and creates chlorine. You still need to shock your saltwater pool to prevent algae.

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