Ways to Create Gathering Spots in and Around Your Pool

Maui Grills

Who does not love gathering around the swimming pool on a beautiful day?  Your ideal entertainment space can offer options.

A few options would include:

  1. Swim-Up Bars/Sometimes you don’t want to get out of the water, but the bar is where the action is!
  2. Outdoor Kitchens/The kitchen many times becomes the main gathering place when entertaining.  Why not bring the kitchen outside?
  3. Outdoor Dining Rooms/Dining out in the open air can be one of the biggest joys if you have the right space.
  4. Conversation Pits/Whether you choose brick, stone, wood, concrete or another other material, you can personalize your conversation pit with many things.  Try a center table with a fire bowl for coziness.
  5. Fire Pits/Your fire pit is sure to become a centerpiece for your outdoor entertaining.

Contact Ohana Pool & Spa for all of your gathering spot needs!  We can get you up and running and ready to entertain with all the best accessories.

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