New Online Store

Maui Pool Supplies

I wanted to make everyone aware that we now have an up and running online store at Ohana Pool & Spa!

The Internet has altered the way we shop.   We have started the online shopping to make it more convenient, easy and save time and effort for you, our customers, to get the items you need for your pool and/or hot tub supplies.

Convenience is the biggest perk.  There are no crowds and no lines to wait in.  It is much easier to sit at home, find what you need and have it delivered directly to your door.

A few products we have online include, Accutabs, Algea Prevention, Bromine & Chlorine tabs, Defoamer, Clarifier and Tile Brite Cleaner,  just to name a few.

Check out our online store on our website and give Ohana Pool & Spa a call to deliver the items needed to keep you pool sparkling.