Improve Your Work Performance…With a Swimming Pool!

Maui Pool Repair Service

Nearly every job involves having to come up with solutions and you know how important it is to have exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Did you know that a swimming pool or spa can improve these skills?  Research shows that spending time outdoors in a beautiful setting can improve your cognitive ability.  Participants in a study were found to perform 50% better on problem-solving tasks after spending time outdoors.  While this applies to time spent outdoors in nature, what better way to spend time outdoors than in your very own, beautiful swimming pool?

Some ways you can enjoy your pool or spa to reduce stress are:

  1.  Enjoy a morning swim or coffee by the pool
  2. Take a break over the weekend to relax by the pool or spa
  3. Watch the sunset by the pool

Whatever way you choose to relax by your pool, you may be surprised to find it benefits your performance at your job!  Contact Ohana Pool & Spa today for all your pool building needs.

Our services include chemicals, repairs, maintenance, pool building, plaster and resurfacing of your pool.