Backyard Pool Rules

Maui Pool Service

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool, it can provide hours of fun for everyone.  All that great fun can come to a halt if there is a drowning accident.  When most families are staying close to home during this pandemic, a backyard pool can be a welcomed opportunity for entertainment.  Designating a few rules can protect your family.

Begin with making sure the children who are using your pool learn the following five basic water survival skills.  All kids should be able to do the following:

Step or jump into water over their heads and return to the surface.

Float or tread water for one minute

Turn around in a full circle and find an exit

Swim 25 yards to exit the water

Be able to exit the water without using the ladder

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, water testing, chemicals, inspection of your Maui swimming pool, plaster and resurfacing of your existing pool.