Child Safety Around Your Pool

Many people have enjoyed time with their children in the swimming pool, especially during the quarantine period.  We need to be responsible on safety tips for everyone in the pool.

The highest rate of drowning deaths, according to the World Health Organization, are from ages one to four, followed from five to nine years of age.

There are many ways to prevent any accident, and safety recommendations can help increase safety in the water.  It is important to have adult supervision.

Below are some safety tips to follow:

  1. Don’t Lose Site of Children – A child can drown in 27 seconds.  Do not leave your children in a pool by themselves.
  2. The 10/20 Norm – The International Association for Child Safety recommends the “10/20 norm”  That means to check children every 10 seconds but do not take more than 20 seconds to reach them from drowning.
  3. Avoid Distractions – If the phone rings or someone is at your door, have another adult help supervise the children.
  4. Add a Safety Fence – A fence is the best way to avoid an accident when your swimming pool is not in use.  It will make it difficult for children to jump over or go under.  By installing a safety fence, it can reduce drowning accidents by 95 percent.
  5. Send Children to Swimming School – This is a very effective way to avoid drowning.  It is recommended kids learn at the age of four, but some parents prefer to have their one-year old in a swimming class.
  6. Leave No Toys in the Pool – Do not leave toys near or inside the pool because it can be a temptation for a child to jump in after the toy.
  7. Know CPR – The immediate effect of drowning is the lack of oxygen to the brain.  Knowing CPR helps to save anyone from having irreversible brain injuries.

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