How To Cool Swimming Pool Water

Maui Pool Service
A question pool companies often get asked from swimming pool owners in the heat of summer is  “How can I cool down my pool water?”  Below are a few suggestions to be considered:
1)  Use ice:  This quick fix is one of the fastest ways of cooling down your pool water in a pinch.  If it is feasible to obtain large quantities of ice, gently place ice into the shallow end of your swimming pool in bulk for that instant effect.  Using this method would be more effective for above ground and smaller inground pools.
2) Partially drain and refill:  Depending on your water source, another effective option is to partially drain and refill your swimming pool.  If your water source is colder than the pool water, it will be effective in lowering pool water temperature rapidly.  You will need to test and rebalance your water chemistry after refilling.
3) Install water features:  Water features are a fun– but more expensive– way to keep your water temperature at a cool and comfortable level.  Water features cool the water by increasing air exposure.  Examples of some water features:

• Floating Water Fountain
• Waterfall
• Deck Jets
• Bubblers
• Slide

Using one or more of these suggestions can go a long way in keeping your pool water cooler throughout the entire summer.
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