How to Raise Alkalinity

Maui Pool Service Repair

What happens if your pool’s alkalinity is too low?  Your pool finish can become etched and stained, water can turn green, your swimmers’ eyes can burn, metals corrode and pH can rise up or fall.

If you want to raise the alkalinity level without overly affecting the pH level, baking soda is recommended.  One you know your pool’s volume and have measure out the appropriate amount of baking soda don’t add it all at once since it affects pH levels as well.

While it is important to shock your pool on a regular basis, chlorine-based pool shocks are highly alkaline and will raise pH and therefore alkalinity.  You may notice higher pH and total alkalinity after shocking your water.

Call Ohana Pool & Spa to check the chemistry of your Maui swimming pool and have the levels at their appropriate levels.

Our services include weekly Maui swimming pool cleaning, chemicals, safety checks of your equipment, and water testing.