Is High Alkalinity Harmful To Your Pool?

A high alkalinity has the potential risk of affecting how all chemicals work in a swimming pool.  For example, the pH-one of the most valuable chemicals in the pool-is greatly affected by total alkalinity.  When TA goes too high, the pH will go to the high end and this will make all chemicals useless, including your chlorine.

When total alkalinity goes too low, the pH will drift down.  This is very disastrous to the pool’s structure and equipment, as well as harmful to your health.

High TA is also linked with calcium saturation index (CSI), a process that causes calcium scaling and comes as a result of high pH levels.

Can you safely swim in a pool with high TA?  As long as you have enough chlorine in your pool (around 3ppm for total chlorine) and the pH level is balanced (7.4 to 7.8), then a pool with high alkalinity is still safe to swim in.  You should balance the total alkalinity as soon as possible because it will lead to calcium scaling and cloudy water, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

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