Swimming Pool Exercises

Swimming pools are not only for laying back and relaxing but also a terrific home exercise tool.

Some favorite pool exercises are:

Water Running – This is a high-intensity cardio but it’s also low-impact because it takes all of the weight off of your knees, hips and ankles.

Bicycle Kicks – Rest your arms on the side of your pool behind you and use your legs to keep your body afloat through circular kicks in the motion of riding a bicycle.

Core Toners – This exercise will work your leg and core muscles.  Place your back flat against the pool wall, extend your arms backwards holding the edge of the pool.  Lift your straight legs in front of you, open them into a “V” and close them again.

Water Crunches – Place your knees over the edge of the pool as you float on your back in the water, then try to pull your upper body as far out of the water as you can.

Swim Laps – Swimming continuously for any amount of time will burn calories, get your heart rate up and work the muscles in your arms.

Your Maui swimming pool service, Ohana Pool & Spa, can help you get the pool of your dreams, not just for relaxing in the sun but also for staying healthy and fit.

Our Maui swimming pool services include weekly cleaning, maintenance, chemicals, repairs, plaster and resurfacing of your existing Maui swimming pool.